How to participate

How to participate

Register to Miss Italia USA is very simple.

Registration for the competition is completely free and and can be done loading the page Join the contest. To complete the registration it is necessary to provide some information about yourself and to upload a short video presentation.
To access the competition please read carefully and accept the contest rules described into the contest presentation page (section The contest> Miss Italy in the World - USA 2022). It will also be necessary to accept the processing of personal data together with the acquisition and allocation in our database of your video presentation, for a limited period of time and for purposes exclusively related to the selection of participants.

1. Access the registration

Click on the red link “Join the contest” here below or at the top-right of the page to access the registration module.

2. Complete the online form

To access the competition we need some information about you. Some information are mandatory.
Indication - second step

3. Get the PASS

As soon as you provide all information request, you can complete the registration and get the free PASS. 
Indication - third step
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